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Week one: TPC Scottsdale (Arizona)
Starts Feburary.8th and ends Feburary.28th

Week two: Pebble Beach (California)
Starts February.15th and ends March.7th

Week three: Kukulchon Sanctuary (Mexico)
Starts February.22nd and ends March.14th

Week four: Venetian Golf Club (Florida)
Starts March.1st and ends March. 21st

Week Five (Double Week): Old Palm (Florida)
Starts March.8th and ends March.28th

Week Six (Double Week): TPC Sawgrass (Florida)
Starts March.8th and ends March.28th

Week Seven: Coeur d’Alene Golf Club (Idaho)
Starts March.15th and ends Apirl.4th

Week Eight: Teeth of the Dog (Dominican)
Starts March.22nd and ends Apirl.11th

Week Nine: The Premier Club (Michigan)
Starts March.29th and ends Apirl.19th


All 2021 individual simulation tour members can book up to 14 days in advance, all bookings outside 7 days must be booked via EMAIL to We encourage participants to take advantage of our standing time option to play the same time every week for the duration of the scheduled events for the fee of $45. A reminder that with the purchase of the packages, each member package includes 1 Hour of time to complete your round only. Need more time? No worries! you can purchase more time up front with our X Factor staff at the end of your round.

Extra Half an Hour: $25.00
Extra Hour: $42.50


Due to the uncertainty during these times we are now allowing players to play their round within 3 weeks of the scheduled week. Players who are wishing to play their weeks in advance can do so by emailing the control email to set up a time .


Every division is Handicap based which we determine for you. You must play your two handicap rounds so we can establish a handicap for you. These rounds are at league rate if you have already paid your registration or are included in your package. Your hdcp will fluctuate as the season progresses. Because we have few rounds to base this off it will move up and down quickly all of our course have different slope and ratings which effects it as well. There is a strict no “mulligan” rule for league. If there Is any mulligans your score will not count. Exceptions can be made if a staff member awards a mulligan for a misread shot.

For returning members from fall 2020, your handicap will be carried over. Again, Throughout the season we will be handicapping players based on the best round of every 3 scores posted (33%). This is different to Golf Canada in which takes the best 10/20 scores (50%). The reason being is that Simulator golf will see drastic changes between rounds and that there are only 9 rounds during the season.

The Max Handicap for Woods division will be 36.
And for Henderson division the max will be 40.4.

For new members, we will use a handicap you give us (golf Canada is preferred). Then we will take your first 2 weeks to add and reference your handicap. This will be calculated before the February 28th results of week 1 are posted. We will be taking 80% of the players established handicap. The players handicap will be calculated to the courses slope/rating for that week’s game. Keep in mind we play different courses every week which will change how many strokes you get on each course.

All Players will be subject to a handicap adjustment if deemed necessary. If there are further questions on how handicaps are produced, please email


Standings will be calculated similar to the FedEx cup points on the PGA tour. Each week will produce its own set of points based off the game play and standings. With first place always receiving the most points for the week and going through all the way to last place. You will always receive points for submitting a score. These points will be kept for 7 weeks and then a 2-week playoff will commence to finalize the standings of the entire league. Each division will have their own point system.


Our league is designed to allow you to play whenever is convenient for you with in the week. We do not set a specific date or time, as long as it is completed within the week. You are also able to play rounds ahead if needed. You can never play back if you miss a week it is finalized and cannot be played.


Most important thing about our league is we are all having fun. We love the game of golf and realize we are playing golf in Alberta in the middle of winter. The League is designed to keep up your swing have some fun and win some cool prizes along the way. It is designed with everyone’s best interest to follow these guidelines. We have had continued growth over the years and want to see everyone enjoy it.


This is our largest division and is for men that are a 9 Handicap and higher. Named after the most famous player of all this division is for all players play the blue tee box. Exception for players over the age of 60 are permitted to play the white tee boxes. Top 10 for each week are awarded prizes and everyone is eligible for the deuce /eagle pot. Score a two on a par three or an eagle on any hole win a sleeve of balls.




This Division is for our higher skill level players and named after the reigning FedEx cup champ. You must be lower than a 9 Handicap to play in this division. It is all still handicap based and some players have to give strokes up if they continually shot under par. All players play from the gold tee boxes. Exception for players over the age of 60 are permitted to play the blue tee boxes.

Top 8 for each week are awarded prizes. Everyone is eligible for the eagle/skins pot if you have the best score on that hole for the week and no one saws you off you win a sleeve of balls. Or any eagle wins a sleeve as well.


This one’s for the girls! With the popularity of the league growing each year we have had more Ladies joining and the interest continues to climb. Named after Canadas own LPGA superstar the Ladies division allows women to be competitive in the league among themselves and still able to play with the men.

Still handicap based we have the largest range in this division with high skilled golfers and women just learning to golf. All players play from the red tee boxes. Exception for players over the age of 60 are permitted to play the junior tee boxes. Top 5 for each week are awarded prizes. Everyone is eligible for the birdie pot. Any birdie is awarded a sleeve of balls and eagles double up!







Fall League Membership

(New Members)
$ 450 Season
  • Includes your league registration fee
  • 2 handicap rounds which must be played before November 12th
  • 9 weeks of league play
  • 5% off Extra Hours

Fall and Winter League Membership

(New Members)
$ 840 Season
  • Includes your league registration fee
  • 2 handicap rounds which must be played before November 12th
  • 18 weeks of league play
  • 10% off Extra Hours

Extra:  Add a standing time for $5 on your booking. This will allow you to block off the time you want for the entire year. League members are allowed to book 2 weeks in advance how ever all Members and League members are offered a Standing time fee for $5 per booking. You can book your rounds all the way until league is done.

Club Storage:  This year we will offer club storage to our league players for $100. Limited space first come first serve. You will be able to keep your clubs at the facility and have them here and warm for every round.